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DJ Cruzi 


People often ask me, why did you start dj'ing? Other than a love for music and a tech edge like no other, there was a specific moment I remember so clearly. It was during a high school dance, one of which I was chaperoning (At the time, I was teaching computer science! I'm a full time engineering teacher now). I was there, the kids were there, the music was not connecting with students, no one was dancing or smiling, no dj, just a teacher with a laptop and a small speaker. I thought to myself, "This is so sad, I bet I can make a difference. I can buy some speakers, a laptop, and dj gear, and really get something going for these students. They deserve a good high school dance experience." Now, here I am, dj'ing weddings and events and school dances on a regular basis. I never imagined I'd have the skill or know how to fill a dance floor and make people dance and smile. I never imagined the happiness and gratitude felt by couples, people, and students, because of my dj'ing. It's one of the best feelings, I must admit. I LOVE seeing people go nuts when their jam comes on and they hit the dance floor. It was never about making money, or trying to become the best dj in the world. It was about music and the good feelings it brings to people. Today, I'm feeling very happy and thankful. 


With years of experience under my belt, you won't find a more qualified, dignified or electrified person to throw down the music for your special event. My rates are reasonable, my pants are pressed, and I'm your DJ. 

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